Papahl is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. He is the father of the Quadruplets of Mabe Village, as well as a newborn child. Due to this Papahl is a busy man. He enjoys hiking, especially in the Tal Tal Mountain Range.

Interestingly, when Link first meets Papahl, he tells Link that he will be lost in the mountains later in the game. This proves to be true when Link discovers Papahl stuck on a mountain plateau. Papahl tells Link that he is famished and cannot move unless he is given something to eat. Link gives him the Pineapple that he received from the Chef Bear in Animal Village, and Papahl eats it with fervor. His energy restored, he gives Link a Hibiscus flower that he picked on the mountain range, and returns home to Mabe Village.

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