"Hey, small fry, do you know about the golden Triumph Forks? They're there, I tell you... On that island... The chart's there, is what I mean to say. But the cliff there rises sharply, and even if you wanted to climb it, there aren't any ledges of footings for you to grab on to. So? What are you going to do, small fry?"

Overlook Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. An island located in the extreme northeastern corner of the Great Sea, it is a small width of land consisting of towering, white stone pillars. These pillars have grassy mats at their tops, each complete with one or two palm trees which pose as Hookshot targets. The highest tower serves as the entrance to a Hidden Hole which houses a Triforce Chart. Warships patrol the area, however, and they attempt to bomb Link if he tries to scale the island.

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