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Ordon Goats are animals from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. They are a domesticated breed of goats from the Ordona Province. They have blue fur and a single circular horn rather than two separate ones. The villagers of Ordon Village rely heavily on their Milk and meats, a favorite food produce being Ordon Goat Cheese, apparently a delicacy. They also use the horns of Ordon Goats to decorate their houses, as many are seen on signs and roofs. Ordon Goats can also be found in stalls in Hyrule Castle Town.

Ordona the Light Spirit also slightly resembles an Ordon Goat, possibly indicating a connection between them and the Light Spirit.

The Ordon Shield features a design based on the distinctive horns of the Ordon Goat. The Ordon Sword is infused with strong Ordon Goats' horns. Before he went on his quest, Link was a goat herder, working for Fado at Ordon Ranch. His skills for handling runaway goats make themselves useful later on when fighting Gorons. Also, during one of the final battles of the game, Link must fight in a similar manner to wrestling with Ordon Goats. There is a photograph of an Ordon Goat on the wall of the first floor of his house.

Ordon Goats can be seen and interacted with anytime during the day in Ordon Ranch. If stroked, they become coy and shy, while if attacked, they suddenly glow an angry red and begin stampeding around the ranch in an attempt to crush Link, much like Cuccos of previous games. They will also attack Link's wolf form on sight. If Link is hit by one, he is knocked back to the ground but receives no damage. The goat will then resume grazing. In a potential head-on collision, Link can grab the goat and throw them to the floor in an identical manner to the early stages of the game. This must be done if Link talks to Mayor Bo early in the game. Link will hear Fado shout a warning from Ordon Ranch and a goat will come running from the ranch. Link can also grab and throw the goats by standing near their horns and pressing the Action button, however this will cause them to become enraged and charge him, of course he can counter this by grabbing and throwing them like he did early in the game and they will calm down after they get back up.

Later during Mayor Bo's explanation on Sumo he will comment that Link's method of grabbing and throw goats is very similar. After receiving the Iron Boots, Link will also use a similar technique to grab rolling Gorons (Link's method of throwing Goats and Gorons is almost identical, though the Iron Boots give him the weight needed to counter a Goron's strength).

Interestingly, unlike most other animals in Twilight Princess, Ordon Goats cannot be spoken to when Link is in wolf form. They are also one of the few animals shown to be hostile to Wolf Link.

Outside of Ordon Village, Ordon Goats can be found in a stable in Hyrule Castle Town near STAR Game tent. Since they are in their stable, they will not attack Wolf Link should he come near them, however, they will not talk to him either.


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Wolf Link

It is unknown why they are hostile towards Wolf Link. One possibility is that like Epona they recognize him as Link, but unlike her, they despise Link and attack him out of spite and/or to get back at him. Another more likely possibility is they view Wolf Link as a potential predator (it's also possible that Wolves/Wolfos are their natural predators) and attack him out of self-preservation. It is also possible that Wolf Link's inability to speak to them indicates that they are either unintelligent, shyness, or simply refuse to speak to him.

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Other Appearances

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Link's Crossbow Training

Ordon Goats appear in the Ranch Target Practice stage, where Link rescues the goats from Bokoblins trying to steal them. Link must shoot the Bokoblins riding them without hitting the goats.

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Though Ordon Goats do not appear themselves they are referenced by the item Ordon Goat Cheese which appears as a Food item for Companion Fairies

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