Unofficial Name

"I'm writing this while in a private space I call my hideaway. Whenever I'm here, I find myself utterly at peace. And it will stay that way only as long as I know that no one will interrupt me. Now, I do have one more hideaway, and no one will ever find the entrance!"
Old Wayfarer's Journal

The Old Wayfarer's Hideaways are locations from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Hidden on Molida Island, these hideouts were where the Old Wayfarer spent most of his time before leaving the island.


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The first hideaway is accessible via a cave on the eastern side of Molida Island, just outside the Old Wayfarer's son Romanos's house. To get to it, Link must navigate a passageway containing several enemies and blast open the entrance with a nearby Bomb Flower. Inside the hideaway is a Shovel, an underground Big Green Rupee, and a journal indicating the location of the second hideaway.

The second hideaway is hidden underground, and can be reached by digging at the point of intersection between the four stone tablets the Old Wayfarer placed. This hideaway contains a Treasure Map, a second journal with a message addressed to Romanos, and a map detailing how to safely pass through the Foggy Passage. A door requiring the Sun Key to unlock is located just north of this hideaway, which leads to the Temple of Courage.

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