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The Oinker Boss is the penultimate boss from Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. Residing in Auros Ruins on the Third Continent, he is the leader of all the Oinkers encountered throughout the game. As the leader, he is the strongest of them all, and wields a sword and utilizes magic in battle.


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When Tingle enters the chamber of the Oinker Boss in Auros Ruins, the beast laughs at Tingle, and summons two magic Oinkers and two Oinker Knights. After they raise their weapons in the air, the battle ensues.

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At the outset of the battle, the Oinker Knights chase Tingle while the magicians shoot orbs of fire and ice in his general direction. After some of the enemies have been dispatched, the Oinker Boss rises from his throne and enters the battlefield. He attacks Tingle by running towards him, jumping and performing a slashing sword attack to the ground, making Tingle lose around 260 Rupees if he is hit. He also tries to damage Tingle with red smoke, which drains small amounts of Rupees, as well as waves of pure magic, which drains 200 Rupees for every hit.

After having utilizes several of these attacks, the Oinker Boss takes to the air and attempts to unleash a powerful sword strike. If he misses Tingle, he is left vulnerable to attack; if he successfully hits him however, Tingle loses a severe amount of Rupees, somewhere around 4,500. When Tingle successfully defeats the Oinker Boss, he gains access to the Rupee Shrine, the area containing the Piggy Bank and other treasures.

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