Octoball Derby is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. The cost to play the game is 50 Rupees. Similar to baseball, Link must use a bat like object to hit balls, aiming to smash pots and knock over enemies with them. Link may win Rupees by playing this mini-game. If Link earns at least 100 Rupees, he will be awarded a Piece of Heart.

Link uses a stick for a bat. However, if Link has any of the rod items (i.e. Tornado Rod, Sand Rod, Ice Rod, or Fire Rod) equipped in the Ⓧ position, it will be used as the bat.

The playing field consists of three levels of pots, two Crabs positioned between the first two levels of pots, and an Octorok named Octo as a pitcher. A standard pot with worth one Rupee when hit. A golden pot, worth five Rupees, will be in a random position at the start of the game. If the golden pot is hit, a new golden pot will appear in place of one of the reaming standard pots. If three pots are hit in a row, a Crow will fly across the field. Hitting the Crow will add 20 Rupees to Link's total. Hitting a crab will reset all the broken pots. Hitting Octo will cause the next pitch to come immediately and at a faster speed.