Oceanside Spider House

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Oceanside Spider House
Oceanside Spider House
Inner entrance to the Oceanside Spider House
First appearance Majora's Mask (2000)
Country Termina
Region Great Bay
Point(s) of interest Dining Room
Pictures of the Skull Kid
Piece of Heart
Inhabitants Gold Skulltulas
"I thought I heard some loud noises inside, and I came in to check it out... This place... Is this some sort of underground shelter? Did you find this place? I beg you! Let me have this place! Not for free, of course. I hope this will do..."
Grateful Man

The Oceanside Spider House is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It is an abandoned house located on Great Bay Coast, full of storage boxes and cobwebs. In addition to the thirty Gold Skulltulas infesting it, the house also contains Black Boes, Skulltulas, and Stalchildren.

The house contains a great library and what appears to be a dining room, both of which are inhabited by several Stalchildren. These soldiers are under orders from their captain to uncover the supposed secrets of the house. Whether this refers to the house's lone Piece of Heart or to something else entirely is unknown. Regardless, the Stalchildren have uncovered the order in which the four masks in the dining room must be shot in order to reveal the aforementioned Piece of Heart; each one reveals one mask in the sequence when Link speaks to it while wearing the Captain's Hat.

Arguably the biggest mystery surrounding the Oceanside Spider House is the presence of pictures of the Skull Kid within the house. It is never mentioned why these pictures are there, nor is it referenced by anyone within the house, or by Tatl. The only purpose the pictures seem to serve is to be shot down, potentially revealing a Gold Skulltula.

Once all thirty Gold Skulltulas are slain and their spirits collected, a man appears, asking Link to give him the house in exchange for a reward. On the First Day, this reward is a Giant Wallet (only an Adult Wallet if Link still has the default wallet, or a silver Rupee if he has received the Giant Wallet during a previous time loop); on the Second or Final Day, he is given a purple Rupee instead.

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