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"(Play dead... Play dead...)"
— Nyave

Nyave is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Living on his ship in the waters of the World of the Ocean King, Nyave is a constant target for Miniblins and Zora Warriors. If Link defeats all the enemies on the ship, Nyave gives him the Treasures he has collected as thanks.

Nyave is a member of the Maritime Defense Force, but has lost his Guard Notebook. He asks Link to retrieve his book so he can become a hero like his older brother, the Self-proclaimed Hero. After Link returns the notebook to him, Nyave explains how he wants to become a cook, like one of his other brothers. During the quest for the Great Spin Attack, Link can give Nyave the Guard Notebook in exchange for a Wood Heart.


The word "Nyave" possibly originates from the word "Naïve", which means to be lacking experience, judgment, or information. This could be attributed to Nyave being a member of the Maritime Defense Force, but completely lacking fighting experience, leaving Link to do all the work. It might also come from the word "knave", which is a Middle Ages word for an unskilled fighter or a generally amateurish person.

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