"The little shop master on Windfall Island apparently got his hands on a truly amazing treasure. He calls it Magic Armor or something like that. It's a pretty cool magical relic, from what I've heard. If you want him to give it to you, try staring deep into his eyes and winning him over with flattery, fry!"

Northern Fairy Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is home to a Great Fairy.

Northern Fairy Island houses the only Great Fairy Fountain not blocked by an obstacle, allowing Link to enter virtually unequipped. The Great Fairy inside upgrades Link's wallet to contain 1,000 Rupees. If Link got the 1,000 Rupee wallet upgrade on Outset Island's forest, then instead he will get the 5,000 Rupee wallet on Northern Fairy Island.

Nearby, there is a Submarine containing a Treasure Chart leading to a Silver Rupee in the Spectacle Island sector.

Other appearances

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Hyrule Warriors Legends

Northern Fairy Island appears as part of the Forsaken Fortress stage. Due to the warping of time and space, it has become merged with Forsaken Fortress, Dragon Roost Island, Pawprint Isle, Star Island, and Windfall Island. It is located between the Jail Watch Keep & the Central Keep.

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