Nocturns are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. These ghost-like enemies dwell in dark areas of the Tower of Spirits and fear the light, which causes them to become solid and vulnerable to attack upon contact. They attack Link by charging and attempting to bite him with their large jaws whenever they see him; the only way that Link can dodge their attacks is by entering a Safe Zone or a well-lit area. They avoid light, but can be rendered powerless if Link lights an unlit torch near them, although this is difficult because they are moving constantly and will notice Link if he is nearby. As long as they are in the dark, no attacks can harm them. By possessing a Torch Phantom, Princess Zelda can dispatch Nocturns easily. They can also be killed outright by firing a fully charged arrow from the Bow of Light.


Their name comes from the Latin root "nocturnus," meaning "of the night," relating to the fact that they dwell in dark areas.

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