"You've seen the boats sailing around here with the real huge cannons, right, fry? I bet you those things have their hulls packed with treasure! Of course, if you don't have a cannon yourself there's no way you'll ever sink one of them..."

Needle Rock Isle is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. An island located on the Great Sea, it is flat and somewhat circular, with the exception of a stretch of land sticking out from its side and a tall, cylindrical pillar in the center, which is surrounded by a pool of water. The stretch of land has a large Treasure Chest containing a Piece of Heart at its end which is enclosed by a ring of fire, and can only be extinguished by striking a switch at the top of the tower. The tower is home to many Kargarocs, who try to ward off anything that comes near their nests. A few even live at the top, where the switch is located. Due to the height of the tower, attaining that goal is only possible by relying on the aid of a Seagull, which Link can control with a Hyoi Pear, or launching a Fire Arrow at a Kargaroc sitting at the top.

Also on the island is a Hidden Hole, which has six unlit Torches and vases filled with arrows and Magic Jars. Lighting these torches with Fire Arrows causes a Treasure Chest containing an orange Rupee worth 100 Rupees to appear.

The Korok Elma is located here, along with his Withered Forest Tree that Link must water with Forest Water to complete a quest for a Piece of Heart.

In the waters surrounding the island are three Warships one of which is a Golden Warship. If Link destroys the Golden Warship, it will sink, revealing a Light Ring. Link can then use his Grappling Hook to pull the Treasure Chest containing a Triforce Chart off the ocean floor.

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