The Nautelle Wetlands are a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are located in the Gerudo Highlands region of Hyrule, south of the Oseira Plains. These wetlands are a mix of land and shallow water, all of which is covered in long, golden grass. They contain three large piles or stone, two to the northeast and a larger, more impressive one to the west.

The Nautelle Wetlands are home to six unusual looking trees, which vary in height but all have very thick trunks that are impossible for Link to cut through. Birds nests containing Eggs can be found atop the southeastern and westernmost trees and if Links climbs the smallest of the two central trees he will find a Korok stump which will lead him to the Korok atop the second, larger, central tree.

Link can occasionally encounter Bokoblins on horse back and Stalmoblins can spawn at night.