Nanna is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She is an old Sheikah woman who lives with her granddaughter Lasli in Kakariko Village. In the past she was a student of Purah, though she later retired and returned to Kakariko Village. As a result, she immediately recognizes Link's Sheikah Slate and points him to Impa's house. If Link talks to her during the Locked Mementos quest she will reveal herself to have studied under Purah and that the director should know how to restore the Sheikah Slates missing components. If Link visits her in her home at night, she will mentioned Purah warned her about growing old, indicating that she may be aware of Purah's anti-aging research or that she now agrees with Purah about the drawbacks of growing old. She is also shown to be aware that the Sheikah Slate Link possesses once belonged to Princess Zelda.

She is protective of her granddaughter, despite Lasli being a young woman, and makes Lasli stay at home at night due to the threat posed by the Yiga Clan and monsters which have become more active since Link has awoken.