"Bwah! I won't run! I'm stickin' with my parents! I'm diff'rent from you cowards!"
— Mutoh's Apprentice

Mutoh's Apprentice is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Despite his minor role in the overall story arc of the game, Mutoh's Apprentice is quite possibly the character who best exemplifies personal change and how the end of the world can affect even the bravest people.


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Mutoh's Apprentice is one of the Carpenters working on the Festival Tower in South Clock Town. As his name implies, he is the apprentice of the boss carpenter, Mutoh. He is never shown working, only scoffing about the idea of fleeing town. When Link approaches him with Kafei's Mask, he will tell him not to interfere with his "dear Anju", threatening him and telling him not to look for Kafei. This seems to imply he has an interest in Anju that he wishes to pursue now that her fiancé is missing. During the course of the three-day cycle, the behavior of Mutoh's Apprentice changes as the Moon grows steadily closer to crashing into Termina.

On the First Day, Mutoh's Apprentice can be found scoffing at a Clock Town Soldier recruitment poster as if the soldiers are the reason for the hysteria, and that everyone realizes the Moon will not actually fall. On the Second Day, he is just as angry, but uses his family as an excuse to stay brave, giving off the idea that he is now open to the possibility that the Moon may actually collide with Termina. On the Final Day, the apprentice can still be found standing in South Clock Town. This time however, he exclaims that he will not run simply because he is "Master Mutoh's apprentice", running out of logical reasons to stay within the city walls. By nightfall, however, Mutoh's Apprentice has fled along with the rest of the Carpenters, revealing his exaggerated state of bravery. Mutoh, who is unaware of this, assumes that his apprentice is the only one who has not run and declares that he will be disgusted with the rest of his coworkers for fleeing.

When Link defeats Majora and saves Termina from destruction, Mutoh's Apprentice can be seen in Termina Field with the rest of the Carpenters. Like the other residents of the country, the group is in high spirits over the Moon's ascent back into the heavens.

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