"This simple mushroom-packed skewer has its colorful presentation to thank for its appeal."
— In-game description

A Mushroom Skewer is an item in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a curative item that restores some of Link's Heart Containers. Link can make it by cooking any type of mushroom in cooking pot.


The base recipe for Mushroom Skewer is any mushroom which includes Big Hearty Truffle, Chillshroom, Endura Carrot, Hearty Truffle, Hylian Shroom, Ironshroom, Razorshroom, Rushroom, Silent Shroom, Stamella Shroom, Sunshroom, and Zapshroom. As Hylian Shrooms are a neutral ingredient that lack additional effects, cooking them alone will result in Mushroom Skewers. However using mushrooms with different effects will also produce Mushroom Skewers as different effects cancel each other out.

Link can also create Mushroom Skewers with additional effects by cooking mushrooms with the same effect. For example, Link can cook Big Hearty Truffle and Hearty Truffle together to create Hearty Mushroom Skewer. Of course using a single mushroom with an additional effect will also result in Mushroom Skewer with that effect. However if Link cooks at least four different mushrooms together it will result in Copious Mushroom Skewers instead.

Though it is a simple dish that can be made with single or multiple ingredients, it has multiple recipe combinations due to the number of different mushrooms.

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