"...As you can see, all of our customers have taken refuge. It may be my undoing, but I'm the sort of fellow who'll stay at his business through thick and thin. And I continue standing here at the counter hoping one of my favorite customers will appear... And I wasn't wrong. See? You stopped in."
— Mr. Barten

Mr. Barten is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He is the bartender and apparent owner of the members-only Milk Bar in East Clock Town.


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From 6:00 AM on any given day, Mr. Barten spends his time cleaning and preparing the Milk Bar for the night's customers; during this time, anyone can enter the Milk Bar, even those who are not members. At 9:00 PM, he is forced to ask Link to leave as he completes the last stages of preparation. When wearing Romani's Mask, the official proof of membership of the Milk Bar, Link is granted entry. He can purchase both regular Milk for 20 Rupees and the exclusive Chateau Romani for 200 Rupees from Mr. Barten, though he will not be served unless he wears the mask, in accordance with house rules.

Mr. Barten allows a distraught Gorman to spend his time in the Milk Bar, despite his not being an official member. While Mr. Barten initially tells Gorman that while he may be allowed to stay, he may not be served any milk, he is seen acting "tipsy" from drinking milk if spoken to during the Milk Bar's opening hours. On the Night of the Final Day, Mr. Barten has not escaped from Clock Town to escape the impending fall of the Moon, his reason for not doing so being his unbreakable devotion to his business. During the end credits, Mr. Barten can be seen tending the bar, his Milk Bar filled with all sorts of people enjoying the Carnival of Time performances.

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The name Barten is a fairly obvious play on the word "bartender."

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