Mother Maiamai is a character in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. She is a large Maiamai, similar to a cross between an octopus (or possibly an Octorok) and a hermit crab.


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Mother Maiamai resides in a cave to the north of Lake Hylia; the cave is surrounded by rock formations that bear a similarity to Mother Maiamai herself, and must initially be opened with a bomb. By returning her lost children, Link can receive an upgrade to items that have been purchased from Ravio; however, items that have been rented cannot be upgraded. For every 10 children returned, Link can select one of his standard items to be upgraded into a "Nice" version of that item; Nice items feature a new design and enhanced features. However, an item may only be upgraded once. Once Link collects all 100 children, Mother Maiamai will teach Link the Great Spin Attack.

After granting all upgrades, she will leave this dimension leaving only one child who elected to stay behind.

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Upgradeable Items

Other appearances

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Hyrule Warriors Legends

"We thank you the help, my tykes and I! I've opened up a nice battle reward for you, by and by!"
— Mother Maiamai's message in Hyrule Warriors Legends
Hyrule Warriors Legends Adventure Mode 8-Bit Mother Maiamai (Lorule Adventure Map)

8-Bit Mother Maiamai

As part of the A Link Between Worlds DLC, an 8-Bit Mother Maiamai can be found on the Lorule Adventure Map. By giving a Baby Maiamai Item Card to Mother Maiamai, one can unlock battle rewards on the Lorule Map.

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