"It's said once you have a taste of this cake, you'll never forget its sweetness."
— In-game description

The Monster Cake is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a curative item that restore Link's health by some Heart Containers. Link needs to cook one during the side quest "A Parent's Love" in Tarrey Town. It is made by combining Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter, Cane Sugar, and Monster Extract. A fifth ingredient can be added to the recipe to add additional effects such as "Hearty", "Enduring", etc. Like other recipes that utilize Monster Extract, the duration and amount of hearts is randomly determined when it is cooked. Duration and hearts restored may be boosted randomly also thus Link may get lucky and create a monster cake that restores more hearts, stamina, or effects with longer than normal duration.

"The Royal Family's Secret Recipe #2 The Chancellor's Favorite: Monster Cake Stew monster extract, Tabantha wheat, cane sugar, and goat butter for a spell. It's a dangerous dish that makes your head fuzzy and may even motivate you to plan evil schemes!"
Castle Library Book

In "A Royal Recipe", Monster Cake is one of two recipes of the Royal Family of Hyrule found in Castle Library Books in the Library of Hyrule Castle the other being a recipe for Fruitcake. Monster Cake is the Royal Family's Secret Recipe #2 which the book calls the "The Chancellor's Favorite" and claims Monster Cake is a dangerous dish that can make a person's head fuzzy and may even cause the consumer to plot evil schemes though this may simply be superstition or certain people are vulnerable to these effects as Link's personality is unaffected and the fact the Royal Family had a secret recipe for it implies it did not effect any of them negatively either though the book apparently makes note of its potentially dangerous evil inducing effects presumably to warn members of the Royal Family that it can have such an effect on castle staff such as chancellors. Despite this is still however popular among some people due to its apparently unforgettable sweetness. During this side quest, Gotter at the Riverside Stable asks Link to find the secret royal recipes in the Hyrule Castle Library and make one of them. Link can make either recipe to complete the quest, causing Gotter to reward Link with a Silver Rupee. Link can make the other dish and give it to Gotter to receive another Silver Rupee.


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