"Mon is a currency I invented to destabilize the market and fight the establishment! Just kidding, there is no establishment in Hyrule! I just love monsters so much that I turned them into money! Here's the deal: if you bring me monster parts, I'll exchange them for mon. I'm the only business in Hyrule that accepts mon as payment! Pretty exclusive, eh? Anyway, you can spend your mon on various types of monster gear that I've created based on may research. Ah... Another thing. I'm always developing new monster gear so remember to check back in between your adventures."

Mon is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a currency created by Kilton, the proprietor of the Fang and Bone shop. Kilton will buy monster parts from Link in exchange for Mon, which can only be spent at Fang and Bone. The symbol for the currency is a skull.

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