"This is the shooting range! You can play if you have a bow and arrow!"

The Molida Island Shooting Gallery is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Located on Molida Island, it houses the Shooting Gallery mini-game. It is run by Romanos out of his house.

After Link completes the Temple of Courage, he finds that Romanos has remodeled his house into a Shooting Gallery to raise money for his future adventuring. Each game costs 20 Rupees.

Link has 70 seconds and unlimited arrows to shoot as many targets as possible. Ghost targets are worth +10 and girl targets are worth -50 points. If Link hits consecutive ghost targets, he will progressively earn more points (to a maximum of 50 points per ghost) until he misses or hits a girl target. The number of girl targets increases as the time decreases, and the targets will begin to turn sideways at random. This has the dual effect of hiding the type of target and reducing the possibility of hitting it.

If Link scores over 1,300 points, he will be rewarded with a random Treasure. If he beats the high score of 1,700, he will receive a Quiver upgrade the first time and then a random Ship Part for every consecutive time. Finally, if Link scores over 2,000 points, he will receive a Heart Container and then a random Ship Part for every consecutive time.

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