Unofficial Name

"No matter how much I call her, my precious Mittens won't come down! If only I had her favorite treat--Fish..."
— Mittens' Owner
Mittens' Owner

Mittens' Owner is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. An elderly man, he is found in North Horon, west of Eyeglass Lake, attempting to retrieve his cat, Mittens, from a tree. He is very worried about his cat and although he is yelling at her to jump down through his Megaphone, she will not budge. If Link obtains a Fish from Ingo, however, he can bring it to Mittens' Owner to call Mittens down from her tree. This tactic works and the cat comes down to eat the fish, resulting in her owner handing over the Megaphone to Link as a reward.

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