"By all means, please peruse the book of recipes there, and buy some of our fine ingredients!"

Misa's Recipe Book is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a recipe book found inside the Slippery Falcon flagship shop run by Misa at Rito Village. It contains recipes for Apple Pie, Nutcake, and Fried Bananas. Some of the ingredients for these dishes such as Cane Sugar, Goat Butter, and Tabantha Wheat can be purchased from Misa's shop.


Apple Pie

"First, you'll want to buy Tabantha wheat, goat butter, and cane sugar here at the Slippery Falcon. Cook these ingredients with an apple until the crust is a flaky golden brown and the insides are gooey and delicious. And for an added kick, try substituting the apple with something else!"
— Misa's Recipe Book


"First, you'll want to buy [Tabantha wheat, goat butter, and cane sugar here at the Slippery Falcon. Toss these ingredients in a pot alongside the nuts of your choice to make a tasty nutcake! I prefer acorns myself."
— Misa's Recipe Book

Fried Bananas

"First, you'll want to buy Tabantha wheat and cane sugar here at the Slippery Falcon! Then, just fry those up alongside some mighty bananas! Mighty bananas are rare in these parts, but this dish is worth it!"
— Misa's Recipe Book

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