"The Minish Door opens but once every century, and soon, it must close. I must leave you both now and return to my homeland. I know I've caused you much suffering, but the evil one's power has withered. The power of Princess Zelda herself has restored the light to Hyrule."

The Minish Door is an object from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. A doorway found in the garden of Hyrule Castle, it blocks entry to the Elemental Sanctuary, which acts as a bridge between the World of Humans and the Minish World. Once every century, the Minish Door is open for a brief period of time before closing again.


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When the Minish Door is open, it allows free flow between both worlds, although only Hylian children and the Minish themselves can perceive and enter it. It is through this door that Vaati enters the World of Humans and wreaks havoc on Hyrule. Once Link defeats the antagonist in battle, Ezlo goes through the Minish Door. The Minish Door shuts once again, not to be opened for another century.

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