"This former beauty became famous after being dubbed Miss Windfall Island... about forty years ago. There isn't a younger woman who has taken that title away."

Minenco is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. She was born on Windfall Island and has never left.


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Forty years prior to the events of The Wind Waker, Minenco was dubbed 'Miss Windfall Island'. Because of her lasting beauty, this title has never been taken from her, not even from girls with the gift of youth.

When Link first visits Windfall Island, Pompie and Vera are spreading rumors that Minenco is having a love affair with Lenzo. By jumping off one of the carts on the town's Ferris Wheel, Link lands on a ledge housing a hidden entrance leading into Lenzo's studio. Crawling into the hole, Link drops down undetected, and spots Lenzo and Minenco discussing photography. Link takes a picture of them together and shows the picture to Pompie and Vera, ending their gossiping. As thanks for helping them come to their senses, the two women reward Link with a Treasure Chart.

If Link shows Minenco a good enough picture of herself during the day, she'll reward Link with a Treasure Chart. Oddly enough, Link can also get this Treasure Chart if he shows her a picture of her and Lenzo.

At night, Minenco can often be found bidding on items at Zunari's auctions in the Hall of Wealth.

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