"I want to be clear--whatever treasure is to be had here belongs to us. So don't go poking around."
— Mils

Mils is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He can be found treasure hunting with his sister Mina in the Gatepost Town Ruins. He is a Hylian who can be found treasure hunting with his Sister Mina in various areas of Hyrule such as the Gatepost Town Ruins and Rauru Settlement Ruins.


Mils, unlike Mina, is not a very tough Hylian. Despite his wants to return home he trusts his sister following her and looking for treasure where she leads. Mils and Mina regularly run into Bokoblins which they are both capable of combating. After such combat moments Link can speak to Mils where he will tell Link about his relief at his sisters safety.


Link can encounter Mils and Mina at Gatepost Town Ruins fighting two basic Bokoblins, and may be encountered at other ruins. Link can assist the pair by defeating them himself, or he can hold back while the pair combat the Bokoblins on their own. Mils is blamed by his sister for the attack on them by the Bokoblins, as he was stationed as the lookout, and she will then take over his position as lookout. Should Link choose to aid the pair he can speak to Mils (or Mina) to receive a dish, or Rupees alternatively should Link be unable to carry anymore foodstuffs.

Mils will look for treasure, while Mina keeps watch nearby. Mils will tell link not to poke around while he looks for treasure and that he wishes to return home but his sister believes treasure is hidden here, and thus remains with her.