"Huh? What's the matter? Why the grumbles? Well, if it's your tummy that's grumblin' you're talkin' to the right guy. I'm a butcher, as luck would have it! I'd be happy to sell you whatever I've got in stock. I carry only the finest meats. I guarantee these are top-choice provisions, or your rupees back!"
— Mezer

Mezer is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a Hylian butcher who travels around the Dueling Peaks area in West Necluda region of Hyrule. Mezer wields a Traveler's Sword and Emblazoned Shield to defend himself while traveling. If he is attacked while on the road, for example by Stalkoblins, Link can rescue him and he will reward him with a random dishes or Raw Meat item. Mezer can occasionally be found resting briefly at the Dueling Peaks Stable or near some metal Boulders just off the road between Dueling Peaks. He tends to travel along the road on the southern bank of Squabble River that flows between Dueling Peaks, across Big Twin Bridge, and Dueling Peaks Stable.


As he is a butcher by trade, he acts as a merchant who sells different grades of raw animal meat, poultry (bird meat), and Rock Salt for salt-grilling meat. Link can also sell Armor, Materials, and Food Dishes to Mezer. If he gives Link some Raw Meat as a reward for rescuing him from monsters, then he will have less meat in stock (for example if he rewards Link with Raw Prime Meat he will be out of stock as he only has 1 stock of Raw Prime Meat). Like other shops and merchants, Mezer will usually restock if Link leaves the area and returns.

Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Raw Meat 3 32
Raw Prime Meat 1 60
Raw Bird Drumstick 3 32
Raw Bird Thigh 1 60
Rock Salt 3 12

Rainy Day

Whenever it rains, Mezer will sell his best stuff. As a result, his stock of Raw Prime Meat and Raw Bird Thighs increases and he replaces his stock of Raw Bird Drumsticks with Raw Gourmet Meat. However he will still sell Raw Meat and Rock Salt. This selection appears during rainy weather and thunderstorms.

Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Raw Meat 3 32
Raw Prime Meat 3 60
Raw Gourmet Meat 1 140
Raw Bird Thigh 3 60
Rock Salt 3 12