The Meteor Rod is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a fire elemental rod and is stronger than the Fire Rod as it can fire three fireballs instead of one, though like the Fire Rod it must briefly recharge after each use. Link can obtained it after defeating a Meteo Wizzrobe. A Blue Bokoblin on Crenel Hills wields one and can be found near the path leading to Orsedd Bridge and respawn wielding one if slain after a Blood Moon. This makes it the only rod to be wielded by a non-Wizzrobe enemy archetype outside of enemies picking up dropped rods.

Like lit Torches, it can be used to light Campfires, Cooking Pots, and Torches. It can also be used to roast food. Additionally the glow of the rod can be used to light up dark areas such as Thyphlo Ruins as can the fireballs it produces. However Link must be careful as the fireballs it produces can easily start wildfires in dry grass which he or his horse can get caught in.

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