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This article is about the recurring item given by Beedle. For the item from Ocarina of Time, see Gerudo Membership Card.

Membership Cards are recurring items in the Legend of Zelda series. These cards are given to Link as a reward for spending money at Beedle's shops.


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

When Link first purchases an item from Beedle, Link gives him the card to keep track of purchases. Enough purchases will be rewarded.

  • Silver Membership: After 30 purchases, Beedle sends Link a compliment card in the mail. When Link redeems it he is literally complimented.
  • Gold Membership: If Link makes 30 more purchases, he is mailed a fill-up coupon. Upon Link's redemption of this coupon, Beedle will fill up all of his consumable items, including his Hearts and Magic Meter.

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Freebie Card

Freebie Card (Phantom Hourglass)

The Freebie Card is given to Link after he accumulates twenty points and becomes a Silver Member. It can be used to purchase any item in the shop for free.

Compliment Card

Compliment Card (Phantom Hourglass)

The Compliment Card is sent to Link after he accumulates fifty points and becomes a Gold Member. When used, Link will be complimented by Beedle.

Complimentary Card

Complimentary Card (Phantom Hourglass)

The Complimentary Card is given to Link after he accumulates 100 points and becomes a Platinum Member. Link must compliment Beedle when this card is used.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Club Card

Club Card

The Club Card is the fist membership card obtained from Beedle and allows Link to earn points. It must be bought from Beedle for 100 rupees. The offer to purchase a membership is offered to Link after his fist purchase from Beedle's Air Shop.

Silver Card

Silver Card

After accumulating 200 points in Beedle's Air Shop, Link is obtains a Silver Membership. Beedle mails Link the Silver Card, which grants 10% off all merchandise in his store.

Freebie Card

Freebie Card (Spirit Tracks)

In addition to the Silver Card, Beedle gives Link a Freebie Card, allowing one free purchase in his shop.

Gold Card

Gold Card

At 500 points, Link is obtains a Gold Membership and is sent a Heart Container and the Gold Card, which gives 20% off of purchases.

Platinum Card

Platinum Card

At 1000 points, Link is rewarded with a Platinum Membership and is given the Platinum Card, which gives 30% off of all purchases.

Quintuple Points Card

Quintuple Points Card

Along with the Platinum Card, Link is given the Quintuple Points Card. This card can be used on any item in the store and will grant five times more points than the item would grant at its normal price.

Diamond Card

Diamond Card

Finally, after reaching a Diamond Membership by gaining 2000 points, Beedle sends Link a Regal Ring and the Diamond Card, which gives Link a half-off discount on everything in the store.

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