Mellie is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She is a Sheikah who can be found at Kakariko Village in the region of West Necluda. She is the wife of Olkin the pumpkin farmer.


Mellie herself happens to grow plum trees. She is very protective of them and guards her trees during the daytime, scolding Link if he intrudes in her garden or drops food into it to attract birds, though she has no issue with the cucco in her farm. If Link destroys her trees, she will scold him for intruding and then scold herself for telling off Link when her plum trees are gone, not knowing it was him who did it. She will then express self pity and say that when the plum trees died, so did the meaning of her life. Furthermore, if it's raining when Link destroys her plum trees, she will say that she was born on a rainy day so it would make sense for her soul to die on a rainy day. During evening she will cook dinner for herself and Olkin, much to his delight. At night she will sleep in her house to be joined by Olkin later. If Link wakes and talks to her, she will admit that her breath is very shallow when she sleeps so Olkin often wakes her out of worry.

If Link is in her house before she gets in to go to bed, she'll shout "THIEF!" before realizing it's just Link, stating that he nearly gave her a heart attack. Strangely, she will not call out if Link is in her house when she wakes up.


Mellie wears traditional Sheikah clothing: A curved hat, resembling an opened book, a navy blue shirt, a light grey jumper with red stripes, tabi socks and Japanese sandals. She has a small nose, black eyebrows, grey hair and dark grey eyes.


Mellie shares a house with her husband, Olkin.


Mellie's house, as every other house in Kakariko Village, has a bar-shaped hole cut above the door to let air in with iron bars covering it for security, a Japanese sliding door with the Sheikah symbol on the opaque screen, a thatched roof resembling the Sheikah hat which has a wavy line of wood on top, a small arched window with wooden red cross-shaped muntins across it, wooden beams extending around the house as a decoration, a Japanese paper lantern hanging to the right of the door and six mortar and pestle sets fitted with a brown plank and five rocks. A singular plum tree stands outside the front of her house. The couple also owns a farm of tea plants to the left of their house. An array of straw hats and wooden pestles hang from the back of the house. A stream runs by the back of their house, where the water is lifted into a waterwheel which is the transferred down a wooden halfpipe into a puddle which is used by Steen to water his Swift Carrots. Olkin's Fortified Pumpkin farm resides to the right of the house


The inside of the house is decorated with black line patterns across the walls in a neat fashion. The house's interior has more space upwards than it has sideways, so the only real room in it is the bedroom. Olkin and Mellie sleep in separate beds separated by a bedside table which has a tea set in the center, most likely farmed from the plants outside. Above the beds is a fancy wooden beam holding a lantern. A woven bucket of planks sits south of Mellie's bed, most likely to make a similar contraption to Steen's to water his pumpkins. To the right of the entrance is a floor shelf, holding apparent board games and a smaller bucket of planks as well as a jar and small chalkboard, the latter possibly being used for making plans for the contraption. To the left of the entrance is another floor shelf full of boxes and what seem to be Olkin and Mellie's diplomas from passing Sheikah School. Two sun hats are situated by the window of Olkin's bed.