"We were minding our own business, hunting for truffles, and then wham! Monsters out of nowhere. I blame my sister, really. She's the one who refuses to go home until we find some hearty truffles."
— Meghyn

Meghyn is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Meghyn is a Hylian traveler who reluctantly hunts for Hearty Truffles in various places across Hyrule such as the forests near the path leading to Hateno Village or Faron Woods. Unlike her sister, Meghyn is fully aware of the dangers and would prefer to stay at home, but is often bullied by Nat into accompanying her.

Link will often encounter them under attack by Bokoblins. Link can rescue them by defeating the Bokoblins. If Link manages to defeat the Bokoblins without either sister being knocked out, he can talk to Nat or Meghyn to be rewarded with a random item (such as materials, Elixir, or Food Dish) or Rupees. Eventually Nat and Meghyn will return to forging for truffles. If Link talks to Nat while they are foraging, Meghyn tells her sister not to make it sound like they are only in it for money when Nat says their can't be any reward without risks, causing Nat to yell at her stating that they'll get a little practice fighting or find truffles, claiming it is a win-win, causing Meghyn to state Nat will be the death of her. If he talks to Meghyn, she will complain about how she told Nat that there luck would run out in five minutes and that there is no reasoning with Nat as she is in it for the Rupees they can gain from selling them, causing Nat to tell Meghyn to stop talking and focus on hunting, saying that they will not go home until they find hearty truffles. This causes Meghyn to reluctantly agree with her sister and return to foraging.