The Medical Clinic is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Located near the eastern exit (western in the Wii version of the game) of Hyrule Castle Town, the Medical Clinic serves as the house of operations for Doctor Borville; it serves as his place to treat patients as well as his permanent residence.

Interestingly, Borville will always refuse to treat Link, citing Link's lack of Rupees. He will say this even if Link has the maximum amount of Rupees possible to obtain in the game.


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Before being taken in by Telma, Ilia brought the sickly Zora, Prince Ralis to the Medical Clinic to be examined by the doctor. Borville was of no help though, as he couldn't treat Ilia's amnesia and refused to treat Zoras. He handed the pair over to Telma, while keeping Ilia's Wooden Statue for himself.

When Link receives the Invoice from Telma after bringing her Renado's Letter, he delivers it to Doctor Borville at the Medical Clinic. At first Borville blocks the way to the back room, but once he is given the Invoice he explains that the Wooden Statue was stolen after he spilled medicine on it and left it outside to air out. He then strolls into his office, allowing Link passage to the back room. From here, Link can push a box against the wall, revealing the Medicine Scent, which can be used to track down Louise, who had stolen the Wooden Statue.

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