"It's time to prove what I wrote in the article for the Explorer's Compass. There is supposed to be some absurdly cryptic puzzle or trick there. But with my keen explorer sense, I should have it solved before lunch!"
— McNey

McNey is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Once an esteemed explorer, McNey's spirit haunts the Phantom Corridor on the Isle of the Dead.

In life, McNey was on a quest to track down the fabled Pure Metal, Aquanine, held by the ancient people of the Cobble Kingdom. During his adventures he wrote the Explorer's Compass to keep track of all his discoveries. One day, however, he entered the Phantom Corridor on the Isle of the Dead before solving the riddle of the maze. The adventurer soon died in the halls of the pyramid because of this premature exploration, and when Link arrives on the island, he meets the explorer's spirit, who warns him to solve the riddle of the corridor or he too will suffer the same fate.

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