Maze Island (The Adventure of Link)

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Maze Island
Maze Island (Adventure of Link)
The map of Maze Island
First appearance The Adventure of Link (1988)
Country Hyrule
Region Northeast Hyrule
Terrain Paved
Point(s) of interest Maze Island Palace

Maze Island is a location from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. It is here that Link must journey on his quest to wake the sleeping Princess Zelda; the island is home to Maze Island Palace, the fourth palace.

Maze Island's name derives from the fact that it consists almost entirely of a labyrinthine network of roads. Many monsters dwell here and attack Link as he explores. If he has the boots, however, he can walk on the water of the river, which will take him directly to the palace.

Also found on the island is a hidden cave where Link may locate one of the game's four Magic Containers. Also, the Kidnapped Child can be found guarded by a Lizalfos here.

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