Maze Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. This island is a maze made entirely out of rock. On the island, Link may play a mini-game in which he must hit every Gossip Stone in the maze within a time limit. Some items, such as the Boomerang, bow, Grappling Hook, and bombs may be needed to complete the mini-game. After Link completes all three levels, Link will be awarded a giant gold Rupee worth 300 Rupees in addition to the other prizes. Interestingly, Maze island has three Safe Zones on which treasure chests containing prizes appear upon the completion of each level, despite the lack of Phantoms on the island.


  • Beginner: The first level of Maze Island, there are four Gossip Stones and a cost of 20 Rupees. Prize: Wisdom Gem
  • Average: The second level of Maze Island, there are eight Gossip Stones and a cost of 50 Rupees. Prize: Treasure Chart
  • Expert: The last level of Maze Island, there are fourteen Gossip Stones and a cost of 100 Rupees. Prize: Heart Container


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