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For other collectables in the Legend of Zelda series, see Treasures.

Materials are recurring objects in the Legend of Zelda series. They allow purchase or upgrade better equipment to aid in their quest. They are found within the world and are able to be stacked in quantity, much like expendable items such as bombs.


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Materials can be found as items left behind by enemies, inside Treasure Chests, received as prizes for completing mini-games, or simply on the ground. In addition, treasures are dispensed randomly by Sheikah Stones the first time Link calls each one with his Harp. They may be used as materials for upgrading items at Gondo's Scrap Shop, or sold to Rupin at night, at his house, for various amounts of Rupees. Some items are rarer than others; these tend to fetch a higher price from Rupin. Certain materials require the use of the Bug Net or Whip to obtain, such as the Tumbleweed and Monster Horn, respectively, though these may also be found in Treasure Chests. Some items are exclusive to one region, such as Ancient Flowers, which are found exclusively in areas of the Lanayru Desert affected by Timeshift Stones.

Hornet Larvae (Skyward Sword) Hornet Larvae Bird Feather (Skyward Sword) Bird Feather Tumbleweed (Skyward Sword) Tumbleweed Lizard Tail (Skyward Sword) Lizard Tail
Eldin Ore (Skyward Sword) Eldin Ore Ancient Flower (Skyward Sword) Ancient Flower Amber Relic (Skyward Sword) Amber Relic Dusk Relic (Skyward Sword) Dusk Relic
Jelly Blob (Skyward Sword) Jelly Blob Monster Claw (Skyward Sword) Monster Claw Monster Horn (Skyward Sword) Monster Horn Ornamental Skull (Skyward Sword) Ornamental Skull
Evil Crystal (Skyward Sword) Evil Crystal Blue Bird Feather (Skyward Sword) Blue Bird Feather Golden Skull (Skyward Sword) Golden Skull Goddess Plume (Skyward Sword) Goddess Plume

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

Materials are used to craft Outfits at Madam Couture's Shop.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Materials can be used to craft items and in cooking food. Like in Skyward Sword Materials can be obtained from defeating enemies such as ChuChus and Bokoblins.

Material Direct usage Usage
Acorn Healing ¼ Cooking
Amber - Crafting
Ancient Gear - Crafting
Ancient Screw - Crafting
Ancient Shaft - Crafting
Ancient Spring - Crafting
Apple Healing ½ Cooking
Bird Meat Healing ❤❤ Cooking
Armoranth - Cooking
Armored Carp - Cooking
Armored Porgy - Cooking
Bird Egg - Cooking
Blue Nightshade - Cooking
Bokoblin Fang - Cooking, potion
Bokoblin Horn - Cooking, potion
Bokoblin Liver - Cooking, potion
Chuchu Jelly - -
Courser Bee Honey Healing ❤❤ Cooking
Electric Safflina - Cooking
Endura Shroom Healing Cooking
Fairy Healing ❤❤❤❤❤ Cooking
Firewood - Making fire
Flint - Making fire
Hearty Radish Healing ❤❤½ Cooking
Hearty Salmon Healing ❤❤❤❤ Cooking
Hearty Truffle Healing ❤❤ Cooking
Hightail Lizard - Cooking
Hot-Footed Frog - Cooking
Hylian Shroom Healing ½ Cooking
Hyrule Bass Healing Cooking
Hyrule Herb Healing Cooking
Ice Keese Wing - Cooking
Ironshroom - Cooking
Keese Eyeball - Cooking
Keese Wing - Cooking
Lizalfos Horn - Cooking, potion
Lizalfos Talon - Cooking, potion
Mighty Carp Healing Cooking
Mighty Porgy Healing Cooking
Moblin Horn - Cooking, potion
Moblin Fang - Cooking, potion
Octo Balloon - Cooking
Opal - Crafting water elemental weapons
Palm Fruit Healing Cooking
Raw Bird Drumstick Healing ❤❤ Cooking
Raw Prime Meat Healing ½ Cooking
Raw Meat Healing Cooking
Restless Cricket - Cooking, potion
Rock Salt - Cooking
Ruby - Crafting fire weapons
Rushroom Healing ½ Cooking
Sapphire - Crafting ice weapons
Silent Princess - Cooking
Silent Shroom Healing ½ Cooking
Sizzlefin Trout - Cooking
Sizzlewing Butterfly - Cooking
Sneaky River Snail - Cooking
Spicy Pepper Healing ½ Cooking, potion
Stamella Shroom Healing Cooking
Staminoka Bass - Cooking
Sunset Firefly - Cooking
Swift Carrot Healing ½ Cooking
Swift Violet - Cooking
Tireless Frog - Cooking
Warm Safflina - Cooking
Topaz - Crafting electrical weapons
White Chuchu Jelly - -

Non-canonical appearances

Non-canon warning: This article or section contains non-canonical information that is not considered to be an official part of the Legend of Zelda series and should not be considered part of the overall storyline.

Hyrule Warriors

Materials (素材 Sozai?) are found as spoils dropped by enemies, bosses and enemy characters. Random Materials can also be obtained as rewards in some Network Link scenarios in Adventure Mode. They are classified as bronze, silver, and gold, depending on their rarity. The harder difficulty the mission played, the easier it is to obtain rarer drops by enemies and bosses. Once a material is obtained, it can be used to purchase upgrades at the Bazaar such as Badges and Apothecary Mixtures. Every playable character has a silver and gold material drop if beaten (save for some DLC characters who lack Material drops in Hyrule Warriors). Many of the powerful upgrades at the Bazaar require higher rarity materials. There is also a Material Master Apothecary Mixture that increases the drop rate of Silver and Gold Materials.

Enemy Bronze Drop Silver Drop Gold Drop
Bulblin Metal Plate N/A N/A
Stalchild Monster Tooth N/A N/A
Bokoblin Old Rag N/A N/A
Hylian Soldier Soldier's Uniform N/A N/A
Goron Rock N/A N/A
Aeralfos Aeralfos Leather Round Aeralfos Shield N/A
Fiery Aeralfos Fiery Aeralfos Leather Fiery Aeralfos Wing N/A
Gibdo Gibdo Bandage Heavy Gibdo Sword N/A
ReDead Knight ReDead Bandage ReDead Knight Ashes N/A
Lizalfos Lizalfos Scale Lizalfos Gauntlet N/A
Dinolfos Dinolfos Fang Dinolfos Arm Guard N/A
Moblin Moblin Flank Moblin Spear N/A
Shield Moblin Shield Moblin Helmet Metal Moblin Shield N/A
Darknut Piece of Darknut Armor Large Darknut Sword N/A
Stalmaster Stalmaster Wrist Bone Stalmaster's Skull N/A
Big Poe Big Poe Necklace Big Poe's Lantern N/A
Icy Big Poe Essence of Icy Big Poe Icy Big Poe's Talisman N/A
Hylian Captain Hylian Captain Gauntlet Holy Hylian Shield N/A
Goron Captain Goron Armor Breastplate Thick Goron Helmet N/A
Link N/A Link's Boots Link's Scarf
Impa N/A Impa's Hair Band Impa's Breastplate
Sheik N/A Sheik's Kunai Sheik's Turban
Lana N/A Lana's Hair Clip Lana's Cloak
Midna N/A Midna's Hair Midna's Fused Shadow
Darunia N/A Darunia's Spikes Darunia's Bracelet
Fi N/A Fi's Heels Fi's Crystal
Princess Zelda N/A Zelda's Brooch Zelda's Tiara
Agitha N/A Agitha's Basket Agitha's Pendant
Princess Ruto N/A Ruto's Earrings Ruto's Scale
Volga N/A Volga's Helmet Volga's Dragon Spear
Wizzro N/A Wizzro's Robe Wizzro's Ring
Cia N/A Cia's Bracelet Cia's Staff
Ghirahim N/A Ghirahim's Sash Ghirahim's Cape
Zant N/A Zant's Magic Gem Zant's Helmet
Ganondorf N/A Ganondorf's Gauntlet Ganondorf's Jewel
King Dodongo N/A King Dodongo's Claws King Dodongo's Crystal
Gohma N/A Gohma's Acid Gohma's Lens
Manhandla N/A Manhandla's Toxic Dust Manhandla's Sapling
Argorok N/A Argorok's Embers Argorok's Stone
The Imprisoned N/A The Imprisoned's Scales The Imprisoned's Pillar
Ganon N/A Ganon's Mane Ganon's Fang
Twili Midna (Twilight Princess DLC) N/A Midna's Hair Midna's Fused Shadow
Young Link (Majora's Mask DLC) N/A Link's Boots Link's Scarf

Hyrule Warriors Legends

All the Materials from Hyrule Warriors return, are dropped by the same enemies, and serve the same propose. New characters (including former DLC characters), bosses, and enemies have their own materials.

Enemy Bronze Drop Silver Drop Gold Drop
Miniblin Monster Horn N/A N/A
Big Blin Big Blin Hide Big Blin Club N/A
Stone Blin Stone Blin Buckler Stone Blin Helmet N/A
Helmaroc King N/A Helmaroc Plume Helmaroc King's Mask
Phantom Ganon N/A Phantom Ganon's Cape Phantom Ganon's Sword
Twili Midna N/A Twili Midna's Hairpin Twili Midna's Robe
Linkle N/A Linkle's Boots Linkle's Compass
Tetra N/A Tetra's Sandals Tetra's Bandana
King Daphnes N/A King Daphnes' Robe King Daphnes' Crown
Toon Link N/A Pirate's Charm Island Outfit
Young Link N/A Young Link's Belt Keaton Mask
Skull Kid N/A Skull Kid's Hat Majora's Mask
Tingle N/A Tingle's Map Tingle's Watch
Medli (Master Wind Waker DLC) N/A Ruto's Earrings Ruto's Scale

Non-canon warning: Non-canonical information ends here.

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