"You again?! You keep going and going... I can't outlast you! All right let's do it!"
— Master Stalfos

Master Stalfos is a mini-boss from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. It is identical to a standard Stalfos, but it is larger, stronger, and armed with a sword and shield. Master Stalfos is the mini-boss of Catfish's Maw on Koholint Island. Throughout the course of the dungeon, Master Stalfos must be defeated four times in order to obtain the Hookshot.


In order to defeat the Master Stalfos, Link must attack him repeatedly with his Sword until he collapses. Then, Link must place a bomb on the collapsed Master Stalfos to damage him. The first three times, Master Stalfos simply leaves; however, after defeating him for a fourth time (which requires three bomb blasts to finish him off), he dies and Link obtains the Hookshot.


Master Stalfos (Link's Awakening)03:45

Master Stalfos (Link's Awakening)

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