"My husband was a master diver! But now he's old, and he's hidden his diving gear and gone off somewhere."
— Master Diver's wife

The Master Diver is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. A master in the art of diving, he lives in a cave beneath the Sunken City.


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At one point Link needs the Zora's Flippers. He is told by a woman living in the Sunken City, who is the Master Diver's wife, that the Master Diver has gone into hiding. Link eventually finds him in the Sunken Falls, but is told that in order to obtain his treasure, he must first retrieve his Master's Plaque. Link does so, and becomes the Master Diver's pupil. Because of this, he is given the Zora's Flippers. Before sending him on his way, he tells Link of a shortcut to Mt. Cucco which can be found by diving in the waters of the Sunken City.

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