"Ohh!!! That's my Master's Plaque! You've passed my test! Very well, then! I accept you as my pupil! Take these Flippers!"
Master Diver

The Master's Plaque is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. This golden plaque is rewarded only to those who have completed the Master Diver's task. The Master Diver can be found in Sunken City, within the Sunken Falls cavern to the east. He instructs Link to go to the cave directly west from him and open all four eyes in a single stroke. As proof Link has done this, he requests that his plaque be returned to him from the cave.

After using Dimitri to climb the western waterfall, Link must push the four eye statues close enough to each other so that they can all be hit in a single Spin Attack. After obtaining the Master's Plaque from the nearby Treasure Chest and returning to the Master Diver, Link is given the Zora's Flippers.

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