"You have amazed me! I have not felt such amazement for an age! What did those things do to you? You must be a very pure-hearted individual, I think!"
— Man of Smiles
Man of Smiles2

The Man of Smiles is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. The Man of Smiles lives in a boat that can be found sailing around the northeastern part of the World of the Ocean King. He gives Link the Hero's New Clothes and a Treasure Chart if he destroys all the Octoroks, Blue ChuChus and Zora Warriors on his boat. Suspiciously enough, these enemies reappear every time Link reenters the boat. He can receive Prize Postcards for repeating this.

Despite his overall suspicious attitude, he claims that he "wants to bring smiles to everybody", as represented by the postcards he gives Link every time he helps him.

Interestingly, the expression on his face is reminiscent of the Happy Mask Salesman's expression.