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Malanya Spring is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located in the Lake Hylia region of Hyrule. It contains a Great Fairy Fountain that is home to Malanya, the God of Horses.


Malanya Spring is located southwest of the Highland Stable and can be accessed by crossing the Horse God Bridge which spans the Lake of the Horse God. At the spring Link can find Malanya whose power has weakened much like the Great Fairies. He requires Link to make an offering of 1,000 Rupees to regain her strength. Malanya himself then appears from the fountain within the spring now acting as a special type of Great Fairy Fountain. He offers to revive any of his horse companions that have been killed in battle or accidentally. After reviving his first horse, Malanya will require Link to pay him a single Endura Carrot for each subsequent horse revival.


When asked to revive a dead horse, Malanya will make a different comment based on how the horse died.

  • If the horse has been killed by Link:
"So... you would like to revive this horse? This one, specifically? I can do that, of course! But... what is this... This horse says that YOU killed it! You! How could you?! Do you plan to revive it just to kill it again? Are horses only a tool to you? Do you treat their noble lives so casually that you'd use them and throw them away? If I were a horse right now... I'd kick you in the chest! I... jest. You accidentally struck the horse, I'm sure. Would you like to revive this loyal, temporarily betrayed friend?"
— Malanya

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