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Malanya is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She is a Fairy, patron and Goddess of Horses. She lives in Malanya Spring, in the Lake Hylia region of Hyrule. As the patron Deity of Horses, Malanya possesses the power to revive any horse that has been killed.


At the spring Link can find Malanya whose power has weakened over time like those of the four Great Fairies. She requires Link to make an offering of 1000 Rupees to regain her strength. Malanya herself then appears from the fountain within the spring and after playfully joking about eating Link, offers to revive any of his horse companions that have been killed. As a result, the spring acts as a special type of Great Fairy Fountain that Link can visit to revive his horses killed in battle or accidentally.

The first time Link needs a Horse revived, Malanya does it for free out of gratitude for having restored her power. However she will after require Link to pay her with an single Endura Carrot. She claims that it takes a lot of energy to revive horses from death.

While most Hylians ignore her existence, Malanya is evoked among certain people. The Lake of the Horse God and Horse God Bridge near her spring were named after her.

Personality and abilities

Malanya is a playful goddess who takes advantage of her unique and somewhat disturbing appearance to deceive people into thinking she is more malevolent than she actually is. She jokes about eating Link after he revives her only to reveal her humorous behavior by saying "I jest".

She threatens to punish Link if his actions lead to his horses death, but she will once again pull his leg and will revive his horses regardless as to the manner of its death. However after reviving a horse for the first time, on subsequent visits she explains that she only did so out of gratitude and after joking she is busy, she asks Link to bring her an Endura Carrot as payment for her services. She claims that bringing dead horses back to life takes a lot of energy.

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