"This is the Magic Cape! You are invisible when you wear it! Watch your Magic Meter!"
— In-game description

The Magic Cape is an item from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It is hidden in an underground chamber accessed by moving a headstone in the Graveyard. When it is worn, Link becomes invisible; however, his shadow is still visible to the player. While invisible, Link can slip past guards unnoticed. He can also safely walk across spikes or other perilous areas. Wearing the cape drains his Magic Meter, so caution must be exercised while using it. The Magic Cape, though useful, is not needed to complete the game.


The gravestone covering the cavern containing the Magic Cape is located in the extreme northeast part of the graveyard next to the Sanctuary. The two stones blocking the entrance to the area can only be lifted if Link has obtained the Titan's Mitt. The grave can then be opened by dashing into the gravestone with the Pegasus Boots.

If Link has not yet obtained the Titan's Mitt, it is still possible to obtain the Magic Cape. By going to the graveyard in the Dark World, Link can reach the same area by dashing into a pile of small stones and using his sword to slice the small flower to the left of the area. Once Link is inside the area where the gravestone is in the Dark World, he can use his Magic Mirror to return to the Light World, where he will be inside the area and will be able to dash into the gravestone.

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