Magda is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She is a flower planter whom happens to reside at the Floret Sandbar, nearby the Hila Rao Shrine and is the only resident of the islet. Magda is also part of a Shrine quest known as Watch Out for the Flowers, where Link must be careful not to trample her flowers in order to reach the shrine. Even after this quest has been completed, Link must still be careful not to trample over the flowers too many times, or attack them by mistake.

Normally, Magda is a calm and composed person so long as one does not dare to tread on or attack her plants. If one makes this offense too many times, three times in Link's case, she will immediately go berserk with rage, hypocritically trample her own flowers, and will attack the repeat offender in return. After Link suffers Magda's wrath, he will lose three hearts worth of damage, regardless of whether or not Link is wearing any armor and irrelevant of its' current level.

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