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"This caterpillar moves in a zigzag pattern. If you hit him on the nose, he gets upset and starts running around."

Madderpillars are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. They resemble blue caterpillars. Link first encounters a Madderpillar in Deepwood Shrine, where it plays the part of a mini-boss. Two more appear in the Temple of Droplets. They have the ability to create silk strands that stick on walls, similar to cobwebs. These webs, frequently blocking the exits from a room, have the ability to bounce Link around but can be destroyed with either the Flame Lantern or the Gust Jar.

Madderpillars will slide around in a random pattern. To defeat a Madderpillar, Link must hit on its nose with his sword, stunning it. The Madderpillar will turn gray and the tip of its tail will turn into a heart. Link must strike the heart repeatedly with his sword in order to defeat the Madderpillar. After a short period of time, the Madderpillar will turn red and start quickly racing around the room for a short time. It cannot be stunned while red; Link must wait until it turns blue again before he can strike it. Link must repeat this strategy a few times to defeat the Madderpillar.


Madderpillar (The Minish Cap)00:44

Madderpillar (The Minish Cap)

Possible inspiration

The design of the Madderpillars may have been based on Wigglers, a common enemy in the Mario series. Both are large caterpillar-like creatures with spots along their bodies and prominent noses, and both turn red and speed up after taking damage.


The name "Madderpillar" is a portmanteau of the words "mad" and "caterpillar".

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