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"It can't be! But it is!! This is the legendary Lyphos Sword!! You'd give it to me?! I can't believe this! I'm really holding the Lyphos Sword! I will be very glad to reward your generosity!"

The Lyphos Sword is a sword from Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. The weapon once belonged to the legendary hero, Dazzle Lyphos, and it is fabled that only fairies know the whereabouts of the item.

If Tingle obtains the legendary blade, he can sell it to the Armorer in Port Town for an excessive amount of Rupees. Also, the Armorer comments to Tingle that the stone sword that the Dazzle Lyphos statue is holding is supposed to be the Lyphos Sword, but it looks quite different from the genuine article.

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