"Need some target practice? It's only 10 Rupees!"
— Lynna Village Shooting Gallery Proprietor

The Lynna Village Shooting Gallery is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. It is found in western Lynna Village at coordinate 6,I. It is nearly identical to the Goron Gallery, with the exception of the prizes. Each game costs ten Rupees and has ten rounds.

When the game begins, a small hole in the center of the stage will shoot a small ball at Link. He must deflect it with his sword and attempt to hit the targets that appear. The blue blocks and fairies yield 30 and 100 points, respectively. On the other hand, red blocks and imps yield a loss of 10 and 50 points, respectively. If Link swings his sword but does not hit the ball, he loses 50 points. If he hits the ball, but it hits no target, no points are given.

After ten rounds, Link is given a reward based on how he scored. If he scores under 50 points, he wins nothing. For 50-149 points, Link wins 1 Heart. For 150-249 points, he wins 30 Rupees. If Link earns 250-349 points, he wins a Gasha Seed. Finally, for 350 or more points, Link wins a Seed Ring.

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