"I'm Lucky Lee, the lucky spirit that dwells on this island! I'm here to bring you luck! If you pay me 50 Rupees, you can win big, big, big! Want to try your hand at my game of luck?"
— Lucky Lee

Lucky Lee is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. He is a ghost that appears randomly when Link digs on Harrow Island. If he is found, Lucky Lee will give Link a chance to win 150 Rupees if he pays fifty to play. If Link accepts Lucky Lee's challenge, he will have to guess which Treasure Chest contains the Rupees, the large chest or the small chest. Link can either be a 'tiny winner' and get a consolation prize of forty Rupees, a 'so-so winner' and get 150 Rupees, or a 'big winner' and receive 200 Rupees. However, if Link chooses wrong, he will either lose fifty Rupees or even 100 Rupees.

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