The Lovers Pond is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a location of Hyrule located in the Faron Region, on top of Tuft Mountain off the road leading to Lurelin Village. The Lover's Pond appears as flat area with a pond resembling a heart.

Related side quest

The side quest "A Gift of Nightshade" can be found here by speaking with Wabbin, who is standing on the "bottom" of the pond. He tells Link that he is deciding if he should speak with the Gerudo woman standing on the opposite side of the pond, whom he seemingly has a crush on. He wants Link to give the woman a Nightshade and tell her it is from Wabbin.

Going to the woman, whose name is Perda, she tells Link that she is waiting to see if the man (Wabbin) across the pond would go over to her. After giving her the Nightshade and telling her that it was from the man, the two meet and speak with each other. Perda reveals that she likes Nightshades and the two decide to date. The pair thank Link, but Perda requests that Wabbin gives Link a gift. Wabbin then gives Link a Silver Rupee.