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Lost Maiamais are items from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. They are baby Maiamais that have been lost by Mother Maiamai. Link must find 100 Lost Maiamais throughout Hyrule and Lorule, with each world containing 50 Maiamais in all. They will not appear before Link has met with Mother Maiamai for the first time, however. Link can use the Maiamai Map to find out how many Maiamais are left to be found in any specific region of the current world. For every group of ten Maiamais returned, Mother Maiamai will upgrade one of Link's items (provided it is not a rental) into a "Nice" version, with a different design and enhanced features.

Lost Maiamais are found in a variety of places, such as trees that must be dashed into, buried under rocks, barely visible at the bottom of bodies of water, or most commonly, affixed to a wall. In the case of the latter, Link must merge with the wall in question, position himself directly behind the Lost Maiamai, and exit the wall. This will dislodge the Lost Maiamai, enabling Link to pick it up off the ground. When Link is close to a Lost Maiamai, he may track it down by following the chirping noises it emits.


Item Upgrade Effects
Boomerang Nice Boomerang
  • Improved speed and distance.
  • Throw up to 3 boomerangs in a row.
Bombs Nice Bombs
  • Increased damage and blast radius.
Bow Nice Bow
  • Fire 3 arrows at once.
Fire Rod Nice Fire Rod
  • Increased damage.
  • Large flame column projectile.
  • Can hit some flying enemies.
  • Knockback effect.
Hammer Nice Hammer
  • Increased damage.
  • Larger shockwave impact radius.
Hookshot Nice Hookshot
  • Longer range.
  • Faster projectile.
  • Deals damage.
Ice Rod Nice Ice Rod
  • Conjures 4 icicles at once.
Sand Rod Nice Sand Rod
  • Sand pillars last longer.
  • Creates a line of dust clouds instead of a single cloud.
Tornado Rod Nice Tornado Rod
  • Larger tornado effect radius.

After all nine items have been upgraded, the final upgrade for the 100th Lost Maimai is the Great Spin Attack, which doubles the radius of the regular Spin Attack.

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