The Lost Hills is a location from The Legend of Zelda. An area within Death Mountain, it is one of two places in the game, the other being the Lost Woods, where a specific pattern must be walked in order to avoid being trapped. If Link moves south, east, or north, he will find himself still in the Lost Hills. If he moves west, he will escape the Lost Hills and find himself by the Waterfall. Moving north four times in a row will bring him to the concealed entrance to Level 5.

In the Second Quest, moving north four times in the Lost Hills will bring Link to a Fairy Fountain. If he has the Power Bracelet, he can push down on the farthest-right boulder on the Lost Hills screen to reveal the hidden staircase that leads to Level 4.

The name Lost Hills originates from The Legend of Zelda: Maps and Strategies (a pack-in with early copies of the game), that was added to the game by Nintendo of America.

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Lost Hills is also shown on the Valiant Zelda comics map as well (obviously based on the Nintendo Map).

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